Antwerp is Belgium's second city, with the biggest port, and portrays a world of wonders. It has long been a powerful magnet for everyone, from fashion moguls and club queens to art lovers and diamond dealers. The city consists of an intriguing medieval heart with plenty of café-filled cobbled lanes, a riverside fortress, with a truly spectacular sight. Antwerp gives you a chance for a journey to an underground world where you get to Explore the vintage canals, massive waterways, and moats. The treasures of the mysterious city present You with an opportunity to rediscover the hidden heritage during a tour underground in Antwerp, exploring old vaults, bridges, and canals and Unwinding the truth with a thrilling, action-packed voyage of discovery through Antwerp's past.

Antwerp is a piece of wonderland. opposite the central station is the most prominent Belgian chocolate nation museum, entirely devoted to Antwerp chocolate. The factory first opened in 1831, and to date, Antwerp retells the history and the tale of its famous Belgian chocolate. A marvelous place gifted with experiences of the tales of the chocolate brands and chocolatiers, giving you a unique insight into Belgian chocolate traditions and innovations. Furthermore, visitors can see the chocolatiers at work in the atelier during the tour of the museum.

While also organizing workshops for groups on request for individuals on several fixed dates during the year. It is giving its customers a chance to explore and learn the art of sweet and delicious chocolate. A promising place for you and your family.


Visit Antwerp to be amazed by the mystical sights the city can't wait to show you.

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