Dana Villa weddings are set on the dreamy cliff side of the Santorini caldera, with whitewashed cave houses laid on top of another.
Make your wedding unforgettable as the dana villa offers you an unimaginable setting made by earth and lava. Moreover, this venue offers a wedding event on an open terrace, where you can observe nature's beauty. The Sun bowing before you as the lover's hearts intertwine. There stands a mighty volcano and the warm sun bidding you farewell as it sets as the night takes over; it is indeed an enchanting sight.

Share your vows and claim your love in Dana Villa. Nature intervenes as you make promises with your significant other with the serene beauty that no other place has to offer. Dana Villa's invites you to celebrate your love with its elegant and lavish backdrop. It is an island with a splendor setting of your style and taste. 


- Outdoor wedding with bedazing sea views with the Volcano in the backdrop
- Table  silverware are provided by Dana Villas
- Rental duration of the venue is Per Hour
- Perfect for weddings up to 36 guests
- Seating Capacity: 24 persons