Why Perfect Plus?

Perfect Plus is a concierge of event services ranging from wedding planning, proposals, getaways to sort out your accommodation, catering, chauffeuring you around town to experience a variety of thrills while capturing you with 4k cinematography, drone technology, and more. We have a wide range of clientele and partners globally so you can rest assured you are getting the best services at a well reasonable price. Whether you’ve got a modest or unlimited budget, we have worked a variety of service packages to suit your different needs and are sure to have you covered. 

Why have a destination wedding over a traditional one?

It’s closer to PERFECTION. As cliché as this may sound, the foremost reason to have a destination wedding is the scenery. It's without a doubt more gorgeous and breathtaking standing over an exotic cliff, with the deep blue Sea as your backdrop, as the sun rises or drowns dramatically or a stunning volcanic view surrounded by the whitewashed Cyclades as you say ‘I Do’ stating into the eye of the one you love.
Cost is also a major factor, for instance, the average wedding cost ranges between £20,000 to £30,000. For about £10,000 of that you can bag yourself a destination wedding package plan with the venue and flight ticket included, and with PERFECT PLUS PACKAGES you can also have your accommodation stay included in the cost... and even better you can have your honeymoon right after your wedding finishes, it’s a win-win situation however you slight it.

What sort of documents do I need to obtain for a destination wedding?

Different countries required legal documents and in some cases, the documents need to be translated to the language of the destination country. More increasing, couples often get married civilly in weeks or days leading to their symbolic marriage, this cut around all of the procurement and translation of the required legal documents necessary for a wedding abroad but have the same feel with friends and family present to witness your marriage.

Can I deposit money monthly and have my Venue booked and reservations made on time?

Yes, Perfect Plus has a finance option where you can pay money monthly. For instance, by depositing about £300 in 9 months, you can bank a quality destination package but if you wanted something even smaller like our £1,499 package, you can split your payment into how many months you want and pay at your own time with no pressure.

What about my guest or my friends?

Your ‘friends’ and family will always make time for you but do give them plenty of notice. Within Europe travel is a lot cheaper between countries now more than ever, most flights cost less than £300 as a round trip within Europe and with our ACCOMMODATION package, we can provide something jaw-dropping for you and your entourage. Most Friends also use destination weddings as an excuse for a getaway holiday and will be more than tag alone, Usually, there are about 40-50 guests for a destination wedding but a much smaller wedding usually consists of about 15-20 people.

What can I do to make my event even more perfect?

Irrespective of any wedding package you wish to obtain, there might be certain perks from other packages missing or services you wish to have upgraded. The EXTRAS page is where you can get more information about specific services and the difference in cost between services to make an informed decision as to what works best for you. The extra services available to add to your packages include accommodation, catering, adventure plus, and photography.