You love once, and the Limestone Heritage makes sure to gift your love a magnificent celebration for the world to see.
The Limestone Heritage is a beautiful venue for couples in love and who wish to wed. It i's a phenomenal place with a 30ft waterfall, something that you won't get to see anywhere else. This venue is truly one of a kind attraction on the island of Malta, offering you to experience an unforgettable wedding.

It's ideal at any time of the year, as most of the months in the city are brims with splendid sunshine, making it easy for the couples and the guests to enjoy the outdoor venue. Say your vows as you're captured by the venue's unique culture and rich history.
The tranquil surroundings can truly make this venue your very own. a place of vibrant colors and sweet fragrance, like a fairy tale wedding in a fairyland. Limestone heritage wait for your sweet presence to come and woo your partner with the spectacular beauty of the gorgeous place with waterfalls and with iconic beauty of the nature 


- Outdoor garden wedding with stunning view0
- To be Booked for whole wedding day
- Perfect for weddings up to 100 guests
- Seating Capacity: 80 persons