We welcome you to the capital of Malta, where tales of the past linger through the fortified city of Valetta walls. The place speaks history as it takes you to the world of wonders.

The city is one of the smallest in Europe but it's a place where you can dream big. The city gates of Valetta and the walls of the spectacular royal opera house are glorious. The place transports you to centuries once lived by the ancestors; it entraps you in its loud silence and immures you in its lush scenery.

Moreover, the pretty limestone streets are a refreshing sight for the beholder's eye. It's a walkable path where people of all sorts greet you with kindness and respect. A feeling of royalty ignites within you as you pleasantly greet the passersby. Furthermore, a visit to St John's cathedral captivates you in its unique work of art. The building has carvings of marble and gold. The dance of the art on the cathedral walls mesmerizes you as you read along with its history.

You can even explore Fort Ricasoli, a place to revisit the famous "Game of Thrones" memories. Giving you a chance to rule your day as the king or queen of the Andes. It's not just the lands of Valetta that speak history, but the seas of the city enchant its tale as well.

Moreover, you can enjoy a cruise in Valletta's grand harbor, where the boats are magnificently painted with gorgeous blue, red, and yellow colors, giving it an unrealistically glamorous look you have never seen before.


Enjoy the sights of Valetta with the best cocktail in café society and best beer at Wild Honey. Roam around and explore as Valetta takes you on the journey to the past in its glorious time machine.

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