Casablanca is a hotbed of fascinating architecture, rich in diverse and fascinating tourist sites. Moroccan architecture is like no other. These beautiful and historically interesting buildings exhibit a blend of vintage and modern life in a unique way. The buzzing street of Marche Central will lead you to explore some of the most tropical seafood. Take in the whole scenery with a freshly caught fish grilled to your taste while sipping on something nice or brewery however you like it. Casablanca is that city that is an astoundingly lavish city yet it manages to have an air of simplicity about it. It really is the best of both worlds with fun-loving individuals to one end living life to the fullest and on the other end, the commercial center of Morocco where money is being made and businesses prosper and there is that sense of serenity and professionalism.


Mosque Hassan II is one of the largest mosques in the world, situated on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean in Casablanca. There's no mystery as to why it took seven years to build this magnificent structure that can hold 25,000 people at one time. Tours around the mosque are offered in several languages at set times daily. You can also pay a visit to the Museum of Moroccan Judaism. Presently the only Jewish museum in the Arab world, the Museum of Moroccan Judaism offers some truly amazing historical content of the Jewish heritage with its exhibition rooms containing ornaments, artifacts, and relics, as well as complete displays of Moroccan synagogues.


Casablanca also offers the opportunity to witness the growing art scene of Morocco in Les Anciens Abattoirs, an abandoned slaughterhouse now a chamber of sketchbooks for the lover of art. A collective of cultural associations and artists have transformed it into a gallery space and performance venue, a place where people of all ages come with the same mind and feeling. The place whispers of music, art, dance theatre. It's the best representation of modern Moroccan art.


Morocco is a travel to a place of the past, taking you to the areas of unknown yet to discover.

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