There's something colorful, vibrant, and stimulating about Nigerian weddings. The dishes are magnificent, the cake exquisite, the gatherings are large, and the venues even larger; it all begins with the venues.

From 5 stars Hotels and luxury beach houses in Lagos to breathtaking Marquees and Event Centers in Abuja. Whether you are planning an outdoor wedding or a hotel wedding, some of the best wedding settings in Africa are located in Nigeria with most venues holding between 300 to 500 people. Nothing is left to chance, the hall's decors are on point, the lighting is just perfect and the scenarios are as nature intended. Over the last decade, the Nigerian wedding industry has become something like a phenomenon. Come and experience why.

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Irrespective of the package you wish to obtain, there might be certain perks from other packages missing or services you wish to have upgraded. You can get more information about specific services and the difference in cost between services so as to make an informed decision as to what works best for you. The extra services available to add to your packages include accommodation, catering, adventure plus, and photography