Life in Lagos is pleasantly beautiful like an art pulled from a pretty sketchbook. The city holds some eye-opening sights of the glorious land and exotic beaches. Lagos is blessed with some of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Nigeria and the reason is not farfetched. Lagos is a coastal city that shares a major part of its border with the Atlantic Ocean. Whether you need a place to meditate, a getaway, a corporate retreat, team bonding, reunion, honeymoon, picnic, or a date there is a perfect beach for you in Lagos. From Elegushi Private Beach Resort, La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort, Tarkwa-Bay Beach, Oniru Private Beach, Lekki Beach Resort, or over 25 other beaches, Lagos promises to deliver an amazing experience.

Born out of the ruins of Her Majesty’s Broad Street Prisons, Freedom Park Lagos was reconstructed to preserve the history and cultural heritage of the Nigerian People. It is a National Memorial, a Historical landmark, a Cultural site & an Arts and Recreation Center. It's always full of life with lots of local and international artists performing live on stage.

Lekki conservation center, which is run by Nigerian conservation foundation with canopy walkaways to experience the ride of wildness as you get close to the wild creatures and get a chance to observe their moves. Gigantic crocodiles lay lazily in their ponds and the birds happily whistling. A phenomenal view of these creatures is opened to you as you wander to explore the conservation center.


Perhaps the most beautiful thing you will love about Lagos is not the venues or local activities but the marvelous people. Local folks in Lagos are a friendly and welcoming bunch and Lagos has some of the most astounding delicacies known to man. It is nothing short of divine. Lagos is fun when toured with the right connection, let Perfect Plus be your guide through this marvelous city.

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