The Sheer Bastion is a stunning venue for a grand wedding to take place. Bastion has a rich history. It was built in 1554 during the reign of grandmaster Claude. it is A magnificent venue for lovers to celebrate their unrequited love. Bastion has unparalleled views of the Grand Harbor and Birgu city, giving its viewers to experience the glorious sunsets, exquisite fireworks displays, and illuminated lights of the city.
The venue is a unique architectural beauty that features pretty art lightning, making it a perfect combination of wedding venues to celebrate the wedding.

Get to see the venue's gorgeous rooftop decorated with roses, offering not only the openness of such vastness but also allowing admiring the views of the infinite sky. The raw energy of the open skies and the winds consumes you as you hold on to your significant other and make vows for eternal love. It is a magical feeling with a touch of something so unrealistically real, leaving you breathless as you take a step to the future with your partner. Add that history yet modern twist to your wedding venue, and many couples love it here as it consumes them deeply within its beauty as they promise to love forever. Come and celebrate your love like no other in the famous and magnificent Sheer Bastion.


- Outdoor wedding with bedazing sea views
- To be Booked for whole wedding day
- Perfect for weddings up to 70 guests
- Seating Capacity: 50 persons