Sponza Palace is in the heart of Dubrovnik. It is a 15th-century palace. This venue is a mix of gothic and renaissance style with tall archways and an open roof. The vintage palace takes you back to a different time. The purity in its atmosphere is so pleasingly peaceful, making it an ideal venue for couples to wed.
The architecture emits rays of love as you walk the aisle. The palace has a vibe of an old palace, Where the king weds its queen. The massive building is explicitly classic. Inside the palace, a large rectangular building with an inner courtyard evoking an essence of royalty. 
Say your vows, experience the captivating beauty of your loved ones, and cherish the moments inside this beautiful venue.
Share the bond as it strengthens after you make your promises and vows to each other moreover, an afternoon wedding in Sponza is so ravishingly glorious because, at this time, the sun is right on top of the vintage palace, splattering its shine over the court and creating a blissful warmth and an enchanting sight for the viewers to see and experience. the light glitters all over the altar and slowly casts a shadow as it slowly bids farewell to the couple 
let the celebrations begin as the chants of the wedding bells linger into the tall fortified walls of S
ponza .


- Indoor Courtyard encircled by classical archways with magnificent architecture 
- Rental duration of the venue is Per Hour after the first 2 hours
- Perfect for weddings up to 70 guests
- Seating Capacity: 60 persons