Phoenicia Malta is all year round has a naturally green lawn with blooms surrounding the lawn. It is a dream avenue where a garden gazebo overlooks the Bastian pool with its beautiful views of marvelous harbor and Valetta's fortified walls.  The avenue has a fairy tale path leading from the hotel to the garden gazebo, making a grand entrance for the pretty bride. The venue grants the bride and groom to exchange the vows in its magnificent rotunda terrace with the refreshingly green gardens and the blue sea at the view. A blissful yet a magical setting 
Get married in the classic ravishing beauty of Malta's mature gardens, a dream venue for a perfect wedding.

Phoenicia Malta offers wonderful views of nature; it is all simply picture-perfect and has a dramatic sweeping staircase in the classic grand room ballroom where the bride and the groom can make a romantic entry after they have made their vows, cherish the love as you sweep your partner, make the experience unforgettable because the classic elegance of Phoenicia wedding venue is what dreams are made of, a perfect retreat for a wedding in Malta.


- Cozy indoor option or Outdoor stunning garden wedding
- To be Booked for whole wedding day
- Perfect for weddings up to 70 guests
- Seating Capacity: 50 persons