They say Maryland is the line between heaven and here and it’s easy to see why. From clambakes and bonfires to scenic drives through mountains, it gives its visitors a blend of modern life and the history of nature. There are a few places that compare to Maryland.

Assateague Island is recreated each day by the ocean winds and waves with wild horses riding on the island. The crisp sounds of the galloping hooves of these handsome creatures are a melody to the ears while The cool kiss of winds takes you to another world. The island allows visitors to even the camp and explore the night skies of Assateague Island. Assateague's night is sprinkled with millions of shimmering stars as you lay down with sand on your feet while clusters of the glittering lights above you.

Moreover, Maryland not only shows you the pleasures of the land but also shows you the majestic world underwater in the national aquarium where you get to learn about different species from the depths of the ocean to the canopy of the rainforest, a guide to understanding the nature of these exotic water creatures. Maryland teaches people the language of these beautiful creatures and lets you fall in love with them as you understand the truth of their feelings.

And then, there are the 10 miles of memories that is Ocean City with a range of exquisite activities to perform from fishing to amusement centers, Performing Arts Center, seafood buffets, Sports & Recreation among other things.


Visit Maryland to connect with places you've never experienced before. Explore your freedom by going into the depth of the land and the seas to know what the world is really about. 

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