Villa D'Este is the world's most established luxury hotel for a wedding ceremony. Built in 1568 and located on lake Como It was once a historical ground of royals and sultans but now has evolved and welcomes every member of every class to a luxurious yet fairytale wedding venue. The majestic place has exquisite gardens and interiors that still retain all the important old-world charms with magnificent statures; moreover, it is continuously renovated without sacrificing any of its old-world charms. Hence it is a perfect place for a classic elegant wedding 

Villa D'Este has large terraces and windows. Not to mention stone balconies that highlight awe-inspiring lake vistas truly an attractive location, which is dreamed by many. You can be one of them to celebrate your love in Villa D'Este, making this place the most memorable day of your life. Enjoy the blessed moments in one of the luxurious private villas. Villa D Este awaits to celebrate the wedding in one of the most classic styles, taking back to when weddings took place like the sultans and the royals.


- Cozy indoor option or Outdoor stunning garden wedding with bedazing sea views
- To be Booked for whole wedding day
- Perfect for weddings up to 400 guests
- Seating Capacity: 200 persons